Justick Care and Saftey


Caring and safe operation of your Justick™ products is very important

  1. After extended use adhesion can be affected by a dirty surface. This is absolutely normal. To clean your Justick surface, disconnect the batteries and/or AC adaptor. In most cases the board can be wiped with a dry cloth or damp cloth without the use of chemicals – Microfiber cloths are ideal. To remove oil and fatty marks wipe the surface off with a clean damp cloth, followed by wiping the board with a dry cloth. Adhesion will return to normal after a few minutes. Ensure that the surface is dry before reconnecting the batteries and/or AC adaptor.
  2. Never expose your Justick product to direct sunlight or high temperatures. This could damage the product.
  3. For Justick whiteboard products: Only use non-permanent whiteboard markers on the Clear View Dry Erase Overlay and wipe clean with a regular whiteboard brush. For more thourough cleaning, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let dry before writing again.
  4. Should any part of your Justick product show signs of damage, immediately disconnect the batteries and discontinue use.
  5. This product is not intended for use by children under five years of age. Please keep the product, batteries and other parts associated with the product out of reach of children.